College Academic Committee (CAC) is centralized (Institute level) committee responsible for regulating and implementing different academic activities. CAC is meant for smooth & uniform conduction of academics throughout the institute. The college is having a duly constituted College Academic Committee (CAC) to formulate long term and short term development programmes for the college to achieve academic excellence in tune with the policies of the affiliating University.

CAC takes care of all the academic affairs of the college, encompassing students, academic staff, academic planning, instructional & delivery issues, co curricular activities and discipline and so on. It is the prime responsibility of College Academic Committee to endeavor and ensure the best practices are implemented and standards are maintained.

Functions of CAC

  1. To consider & follow the recommendations of the apex body AICTE and the affiliating university JNTUA, regarding the courses of study, syllabi of programmes, examinations and project modifications if any.
  2. To keep liaison with the apex body AICTE and affiliating university JNTUA, regarding its recognition and qualifying examinations for admissions.
  3. To prepare the academic calendar and ensure the adherence to the dates mentioned in the academic calendar for conducting various activities by each department.
  4. To monitor and compile the data relating to student attendance and submit the report for detention on account of shortage of attendance.
  5. To compile the report on examination practices in the college, oversee the internal examinations/ malpractices in examinations /evaluation/ recording etc.,
  6. To prepare the report on academic performance of students for placing before the Governing Body and encourage the students with Academic awards and scholarships.
  7. To plan and arrange for expert lectures, exhibitions, seminars and all other academic matters
  8. The progress of the syllabus coverage of each class.
  9. To frame regulations to conduct examinations and initiate measures for improving the quality of teaching and learning student’s evaluation.
  10. To encourage faculty members to undertake sponsored research, industrial consultancy, continuing education and related activities.
  11. To promote innovations in teaching learning

Facilities of CAC

  1. One room for the CAC cell to discuss about the activities.
  2. Notice board is available to the of the room for pasting / keeping circulars, updating the event photos, press clippings, Year Planners etc.,
  3. Having a good number of chairs and space to discuss / conduct the committee meetings.

Composition of Committee

  1. Chairman: Principal of the College
  2. Convenor: One senior faculty member
  3. Faculty Member: All the Heads of the departments as members
  4. Faculty Member: Minimum of one senior faculty member from each department of the college as members

Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Prof.R.Naveen Professor & Principal ECE Coordinator 9442133254 principal@ashokacollege.in
2 Dr.T.Murali Krishna Associate Professor CSE Member 8897797148 murali.krishna@ashokacollege.in
3 Dr.N.Mageswari Associate Professor ECE Member 8973743324 mageswari@ashokacollege.in
4 Mr.M.A.ShasiBhushan Associate Professor EEE Member 9885117994 sasibhushan@ashokacollege.in
5 Mr.D.Sagar Assistant Professor CE Member 8660777594 sagar.darur@ashokacollege.in
6 Dr.G.Srinivasa Reddy Associate Professor MBA Member 9100646999 drsreenu@ashokacollege.in
7 Mr.A.V.R Krishna Reddy Assistant Professor MBA Member 7981942113 krishnareddy@ashokacollege.in
8 Mrs.K.ArunaKumari Librarian Library Member 9440083112 arunakumari@ashokacollege.in
9 Mr.S.RameshBabu Assistant Professor ECE Member 9502540301 ramesh@ashokacollege.in
10 Mr.S.Abdul Malik Assistant Professor ECE Member 9441802210 abdulmalik@ashokacollege.in

Roles & Responsibilities of CAC Committee.

  1. The chairman will convene the meeting of the CAC.
  2. The Chairman presents the agenda of the meeting before the committee and initiates the session
  1. Convener is responsible for drafting, regulating and implementing different academic policies. It is meant for smooth & uniform conduction of academics throughout the institute.
  2. Convener shall prepare the meeting agenda
  3. Convener shall prepare minutes of the meetings and circulated after obtaining the approval of the Chairman
  1. Prepares the academic calendar of the department.
  2. Monitors functions of Class teachers.
  3. Approving the Internal Assessment marks of the students
  4. Monitors the student’s feedback.
  5. Monitors the faculty performance and analysing the results.
  6. Prepares the action plans as well as suggest measures for improvement.
  7. Monitors and controlling students discipline in the campus.
Frequency of Meeting:

The chairman will convene the meeting of the CAC. The committee shall meet as and when requires and at least twice in semester. The notice shall state the venue, the date and time of the meeting. Notwithstanding the above provision, the chairman of the College Academic Committee may call an emergency meeting at a short notice to consider urgent special issues.

Minutes of Meetings

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