The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was established in the year 2008 with an intake of 90. Over the years, it has grown by leaps & bounds and the current intake is 120. The department also offers an M.Tech Program in Computer Science and Engineering with an intake of 24. It has great potential with well qualified and committed teaching & non-teaching faculty members, headed by Dr.M.Jahir Pasha, the department has been part of various professional bodies like CSI, IUCEE, etc


To become a Centre of Excellence in Computer Science and Engineering by imparting high-quality education through teaching, training, and research.


  • Providing a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on software development.
  • Empowering the students with the required skills to solve complex technological problems.
  • To impart moral, ethical values, and interpersonal skills to the students.


PEO1: Graduates of the program will have strong fundamental knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering, technical proficiency, and problem-solving skills to develop pioneering solutions.

PEO2: Graduates of the program will have the necessary domain knowledge and a successful professional career in IT and associated fields of Computer Science and Engineering.

PEO3: Graduates of the Computer Science and Engineering program will exhibit teamwork good communication skills and high patterns of discipline in their profession.


PSO1:  Accomplish the ability to design, develop and implement computer programs and use knowledge in various domains.

PSO2: Ability to get employment in different environments related to the software industry.


S. No Name of the Laboratory Description

Programming Lab


Equipped with DELL latest configured DESKTOP PC’s with licensed software that enables the students to program in C language. It covers various concepts of C programming language, searching and sorting algorithms, stacks and queues. It gives Ability to develop C programs for computing and real-life applications using basic elements like control statements, arrays, functions, pointers and strings, and data structures like stacks, queues and linked lists.

2 Operating Systems and DBMS Lab

This lab provides knowledge on data pre-processing, Classification, clustering and Association rule extraction. It deals with the various types of attributes. Accuracy is compared by using different algorithms. Visualization is also displayed for the given data mining functionality.

3 Cloud Computing and Web Technologies Lab

Lab is equipped with DELL Intel Core i3 7th Gen Systems installed with Ubuntu that supports Open Source Tools for web designing and Socket Programming. The systems are also installed with PHP, WEKA, R and domain related application software to facilitate the students in completing Preliminary works.

4 DWDM and MAD Lab

Equipped with latest configured systems that enables the students to model systems using Rational Rose and to build Data warehouses using Informatics. The systems are loaded with required software to practice regular lab sessions and for database related projects..


The main aim of this lab is to improve Communication Skills in formal and informal situations. It is also to impart training to students through the syllabus in its theoretical aspects and practical components. The lab is equipped with Advanced Systems which has high quality audio & video capabilities.

6 Projects Lab

The lab is equipped with HCL Core2Duo Desktop PC’s and application Software. This lab is utilized by Students for their project works and also to support ongoing industrial technicalities..