Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was established in Ashoka Women's Engineering College with a view to foster the entrepreneur skills among the students. The purpose of this cell is to support the students to transform their innovative ideas into new products and to envisage the direction, objectives, means, methods and practices pertaining to teaching-learning environment. The cell assists all the aspirants with mentoring, planning and execution of their innovative start up idea into a real business. The cell also organizes different activities and events from time to time to train and motivate the students on entrepreneurship and incubate the students ideas into concrete projects to bring up business proposals, resulting transformation from the position of job seekers they get ordained as job givers.

Functions of EDC

  1. To Organize entrepreneurship awareness camps, entrepreneurship development programmes, skill development programmes
  2. To create necessary infrastructure for incubation of start-ups.
  3. To obtain necessary funding from Government Agencies.
  4. To attend events related to Entrepreneurship development.
  5. Arrange students-to-entrepreneurs "face to face" programmes
  6. Initiate innovative student projects for innovative product development
  7. Guide and assist potential entrepreneurs in the process of setting up, growing and managing the new venture
  8. Arrange guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs and provide a platform for interaction between professional entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs
  9. Mentor student who has business ideas by placing them under the supervision of entrepreneurs, under a mentorship scheme
  10. Organize faculty development programmes to sensitize the faculty members in the college regarding the importance of entrepreneurship in real life, corporate life and economic development of the country

Facilities of EDC

  1. One room for IEDC with good infrastructure to conduct the committee meetings and discuss about the activities.
  2. E-Yantra Embedded Systems & Robotics Lab with FireBird V 2560 and Spark V Robot kits to incubate the ideas.
  3. National Innovation and Startup Policy ( click here )for students and faculty in association with MoE Innovation Cell (MIC) to promote student driven start-ups.
  4. Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) under MHRD’s Innovation Cell to promote innovation activities among students.
  5. Seminar hall to organize awareness programs and workshops related to cell.

Composition of Committee

  1. Coordinator: A senior faculty with good network.
  2. Faculty Member: one faculty from each department.
  3. Student Member: Two 3rd& two 4th year students from each department and two 1st& 2nd year students of MBA & MCA

Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Dr. G Sreenivasa Reddy Associate Professor MBA Coordinator
2 Mr. A V Rama Krishna Reddy Assistant Professor MCA Faculty Member
3 Mrs. G.Vimala Assistant Professor ECE Faculty Member
4 Mr. C. Maddilety Assistant Professor CSE Faculty Member
5 Ms.B. Divya Tejaswini Assistant Professor EEE Faculty Member
6 Mr. Anand Assistant Professor CE Faculty Member
7 Ms. Asia Bushra Student MBA-II Year Member
8 Ms. U. N. Vaishnavi Student MCA-II Year Member
9 Ms. A. Vaishnavi Student CSE-III Year Member
10 Ms. P. Haritha Student ECE-III Year Member
11 Ms. Y Aruna Student EEE-III Year Member
12 Ms. K. Shreya Student CE-III Year Member

Roles & Responsibilities of EDC Committee.


To generate awareness among the present or erstwhile members of the Ashoka Women’s Engineering College community regarding entrepreneurship and to enthuse, assist and mentor people to start entrepreneurial ventures. For this purpose, the EDC coordinator will plan and

  1. To induce and enhance the entrepreneurial culture in the college.
  2. Try to bridge the gap between demand and supply of manpower through self-employment as a feasible option
  3. To develop and maintain a cordial and healthy relationship between all supporting institutions and organizations promoting entrepreneurship development.
  4. Organize lectures, workshops and seminars by renowned personalities from different domains of expertise, competitions of various kinds etc. round-the-year in order to create awareness and to sharpen business acumen of students and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  5. Coordinating with Women Empowerment cell for promoting Women Entrepreneurship.
  6. To organize for suitable Guest Lectures related to Entrepreneurship Development.
Committee Members:
  1. To identify interested students for training in EDC and to motivate and organize small group camps at the department class level by presentations and showing videos of successful entrepreneurs.
  2. To identify the students with entrepreneurial ideas and innovation.
  3. Choose one in charge of each class in the department for coordinating activities of EDC.
  4. To know from the EDC registered students their requirements for organizing seminars, workshops and conferences.
  5. Organize the programme as when planned.

Events Organized for the A.Y 2021-22

S.No. Coordinator Event Organized Resource Person Dates No. of Participants Report
1 Mr. P. Vishwanath Reddy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dr. Siva Surendra Professor, MBA Potti Sri Ramulu Chalavadi Mallikarjunarao College of Engineering & Technology 08-12-2021 190 View
2 Mr. P. Vishwanath Reddy Secrets in Starting a Successful Start-up Dr. V. Vijay Durga Prasad Professor & HoD, MBA Potti Sri Ramulu Chalavadi Mallikarjunarao College of Engineering & Technology 09-02-2022 102 View
3 Dr. G Sreenivasa Reddy Entrepreneurship & Promotion of SMEs Opportunities and Challenges Dr. S.Manikanta Professor, MBA Potti Sri Ramulu Chalavadi Mallikarjunarao College of Engineering & Technology 11-04-2022 105 View
4 Dr. G Sreenivasa Reddy Management Principles & Corporate Entrepreneurship Ms. K Anuradha Nithisha, Agile Scrum Leader in HCL Technologies 21-05-2022 120 View
5 Mr. Konduru Anand A Webinar on Current Trends in Capital Markets and Importance of Due Diligence in Investing Mr. M.V. Narasinga Rao from CDSL IPF & Mr. V. Shiva Prasad regional manager of CDSL IPF 25-06-2022 120 View

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