Governing Body:

The Governing Body headed by the Chairman along with the Principal as its member Secretary monitors the institutional governance, general administration, financial management and academic affairs. All the approved policy decisions are executed through the Principal.

Frequency of Meeting: The member secretary shall, with the approval of the Chairman of the Governing body at least 2 times per year.

Term of the Members: Five Years for Management members, Academicians, Industrialist and Teacher nominees, AICTE, University, Government nominee’s will be as per their letter.

The governing Body shall perform the following functions:

  • Governs and Steers the overall direction of the organization
  • Adapts strategic plans and formulates new policies
  • Oversees the finances and accounts
  • Supervises and evaluates the functions of the management
  • Protects the rights, interests and wellbeing of all the staff working in the organization
  • Steers relations, collaborations and alliances among stakeholders
  • Advocates ethics and value implementation in the organization
  • Fix the fees and other charges payable by the students of the college on the recommendations of the Finance Committee.
  • Institute scholarships, fellowships, studentships, medals, prizes and certificates on the recommendations of the Academic Council
  • Approve institution of new programmes of study leading to degrees and/or diplomas.
  • Perform such other functions and institute committees, as may be necessary and deemed fit for the proper development, and fulfill the objectives of the college.
  • The Governing Body shall meet at least twice in a year.
  • To monitor and evaluate the teaching programmes in the college and suggest remedial measures.
  • To appoint the Principal / Director, the teaching and non-teaching staff on the recommendations of the selection committees constituted under the relevant regulations of the University
  • To monitor faculty deployment and development, placement and industry-institute interacting activities in the institute/college and suggest remedial measures wherever necessary
  • To perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may be entrusted by the management and the University
  • To monitor institutional performance and quality assurance arrangements

Composition of Governing Body

  1. Chairmanto be nominated by the Society.
  2. Three Industrial members, one Technologist and one Educationist are nominated by the Society.
  3. One member from Finance and Two members from business are nominated by the Society.
  4. One nominee is nominated from the JNTU College of Engineering Anantapuramu.
  5. One nominee is nominatedfrom Director of Technical Education, Government of A.P.
  6. Principalof the institution is nominated as Member Secretary by the Society.
  7. Two senior faculty members are nominated by Principal.

Governing Body Members

S.No. Name of Governing Body Member Designation Position
1. Sri.K.Ashok Raj Secretary & Correspondent, Vishwam Educational Society Chairman
2. Sri.K.Vishwamohan Reddy President, Vishwam Educational Society Member
3. Dr.K.V.Subba Reddy Vice-President, Vishwam Educational Society Member
4. Smt.E.Bhagya Lakshmi Treasurer, Vishwam Educational Society. Member
5. Mr.T.Dhavaleswarudu Executive Member, Vishwam Educational Society Member
6. Mr.J.P.BalaKrishna Executive Member, Vishwam Educational Society Member
7. Sri.T.G.Bharath Managing Director and Chairman, Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Limited, Kurnool (Industrialist) Member
8. Dr.M.Vijaya Kumar Professor, EEE Dept. JNTUA (University Nominee) University Nominee
9. Dr.G.Sreenivasa Reddy HoD, Dept.of MBA, Ashoka Women’s Engineering College. (AWEC) Member
10. Dr.Haris Krishna Director,Ashoka Women’s Engineering College Member
11. Dr.R.Naveen Principal, Ashoka Women’s Engineering College Member Secretary

Listed below are the chief functions of the Finance Committee:

  • To mobilize resources through donations from society, through funding agencies if any.
  • To seek budget proposals from different departments, analyze them, establish the priorities.
  • To observe budget relating to the grant received/receivable from the UGC/AICTE, if any.
  • To prepare budget proposal relating to income from fees and other sources
  • To prepare a comprehensive plan of expenses for day-to-day running of the Institution.
  • To propose the budget for the financial year for the departments and institute and forward a tentative budget to Governing Body in time.
  • To sanction all the expenditure to procure major equipment as advised by the Governing Body.
  • To approve expenses for constructing new buildings after getting approval from the Governing Body.
  • To Monitor appropriate deployment of resources and carry out vigilant funds organization.
  • To ensure audited account reports for the financial transactions of the institution.
  • To recommend salary of full time teaching and non teaching staff.
  • To advise the Governing body on all financial matters.
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Governing Body Minutes of Meetings-2023-24

S.No. GB Number Date of Meeting View
1. 16 04/11/2022 View
2. 17 01/04/2023 View