The aim of the committee is to allow every woman employee to pursue her work in a safe and dignified environment and to protect women against any form of harassment or gender discrimination and to provide a means of redress should such cases arise.

  • To organize several programmes to enhance the confidence level of girl students for their empowerment in the society.
  • To counsel and solve the personal and academic related problems of Women.
  • To pay special attention on Safety and Security & exploitation related issues.
  • To bring about attitudinal and behavioral change in adolescent youth of the female gender.
  • To provide a working I living harassment free atmosphere by identifying and fixing responsibility on concerned persons for ensuring equal treatment of and participation by women in all areas.
  • To create awareness about women’s welfare laws and counseling
  • To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development
  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the College
  • To create awareness on equal opportunity for women this will ultimately lead to improved attitude and behavior.
  • To empower the Women’s in multi disciplinary approach

Functions of ICC

  1. Investigating reported cases of acts of sexual harassment of girl students and women faculty, if any, and taking necessary action.
  2. Providing information regarding counseling and support services on the campus.
  3. Promoting awareness about sexual harassment through educational initiatives that encourages and fosters a respectful and safe campus environment.
  4. Holding regular quarterly meetings even if there are no complaints.
  5. Organizing various workshops, seminars and conferences to acquaint women regarding their rights.
  6. Ensuring fair and timely resolution of sexual harassment complaints.

ICC – has four major wings

  1. Women Protection/Welfare
  2. Gender Sensitization
  3. Women Grievances & Redressal
  4. Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students
  1. Women Welfare/Protection:


    1. To promote and nourish a thriving culture for its stakeholders (female staff & students).
    2. Facilities/provisions/schemes: Through physical and online access towards placing grievances by female staff & students.
    3. Beneficiaries because of welfare schemes: All the female staff & students of the college.
  2. Gender Sensitization:


    1. To create awareness pertaining to gender sensitization.
    2. Procedure for effective sensitization.
    3. Through conducting events for women staff & students.
  3. Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students:


    1. To provide a conducive platform for the stakeholders to air their grievances.
    2. Facilities/channels of complaints and its mechanism to resolve with required formats
    3. Physical Suggestion/Complaint Boxes placed at prominent places in all the five blocks in the college campus.
    4. Online Grievance Redressal Portal.
      Actions can be taken:Through Formal or Informal Methods
  4. Women Grievances & Redressal:


    1. Ensure timely redressal through the ‘Grievance Redressal System’ in place.
    2. Facilities/channels of grievances and its mechanism to resolve with required formats.
    3. Physical Suggestion/Complaint Boxes kept in all the five blocks of the college.
  5. Facilities of ICC

    1. An Air Cooled auditorium and Seminar Hall with a capacity of 300+ for seminars and guest lectures, meetings. It is equipped with projection and internet facility through Wi-Fi mode.
    2. Room Facilities to accommodate 200 Students each for conducting seminars for students
    3. Transport facilities for students & resource persons
    4. Excellent hospitality for speakers.
    5. Suggestion Boxes in Ground floor.
    6. Separate rest rooms for students if in case they fell sick.

Composition of Committee

  1. Coordinator
  2. Faculty Member: one faculty from each department.
  3. Student Member: Two students from each department and one 1st and one 2nd year student of MBA & MCA .

Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Department Designation Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Mrs.L.Prathiba Assistant Professor MBA Coordinator 7330698327 prathiba@ashokacollege.in
2 Ms.Parwana Assistant Professor CE Faculty Member 8897713430 parwanaparveen1998@gmail.com
3 Mr.N Vinod Kumar Assistant Professor ECE Faculty Member 9052813584 Vinod.nayakallu@gmail.com
4 Ms.Divya Assistant Professor EEE Faculty Member 8500301956 b.divyatejaswini@gmail.com
5 Mrs.Haripriya Assistant Professor CSE Faculty Member 9742371251 haripriya@ashokacollege.in
6 Ms.C.Nithya Assistant Professor MBA Faculty Member 6302459939 nithyashinny@gmail.com
7 Ms.Jyothi Student CE-II Year Member
8 Ms.Mania Student CE-II Year Member
9 Ms.Chandana Student ECE-IV Year Member
10 Ms.Kundana Student ECE-IV Year Member
11 Ms.Archana Student EEE-IV Year Member
12 Ms.Nikitha Student EEE-IV Year Member
13 Ms.Greeshma Student CSE-IV Year Member
14 Ms.Madhulatha Student CSE-IV Year Member
15 Ms.Bhargavi Student MBA-I Year Member
16 Ms.Shambhavi Student MBA-II Year Member
17 G.Swathi Student MCA-II Year Member
18 D.Hussain Be Student MCA-I Year Member

Roles & Responsibilities of ICC Committee.

  1. Preparing the Almanac of ICC, constitute sub-committees of faculty & student members for execution of work on women welfare.
  2. Organize meetings at regular intervals and at times as per the immediate requirement of complaints received for effective functioning of the cell.
  3. Preparing Annual Report and submission to the concerned authority.
  4. Procurement of adequate resources for administration & functioning of the cell.
  5. Inspire the members to make efforts to maintain gender parity, sexual harassment-free and positive environment in the college campus
Faculty Member:
  1. Execute the work assigned during meetings for functioning of the cell.
  2. Monitor & support the student members for dissemination of information for awareness generation.
  3. Provide training in skill & capacity to all the members in striving for equal, safe & harmonious environment.
  4. To address & resolve grievances if any on a timely basis.
  5. Prepare reports of sub-committees of the activities undertaken and submit to Co-ordinator.
Student Member:
  1. Report to faculty members for taking up the work assigned in relation to the functioning of the cell.
  2. Seek the guidance & support of the faculty & cell co-ordinator for execution of tasks related to the cell.
  3. Remain vigilant while in the campus for prevention of any unwarranted behavior among the students and report the same to faculty/Co-ordinator on a timely basis in case it is observed.
  4. Provide assistance to faculty members in the execution of their tasks related to the cell.
  5. Inculcate discipline among all the students for a grievance free & friendly college environment.

Procedure for receiving the complaint/grievances:

  1. Initially general orientation/awareness programmes are conducted to make the students aware of the process and mechanism of complaints/grievances.
  2. The following are various channels to receive the complaints/Grievances:
    1. Suggestion box placed at prominent places of the institute with lock and key and the day and time of opening the box generally once in fortnight in the presence of the atleast any two members of the committee (mostly one will be the Co-coordinator).
    2. Can approach the committee members
    3. Can approach the HoD or directly to the Principal.
  3. The complaint/grievance should be received in the given format of in written document or oral complaint. If it is a oral complaint atleast 2 of the ICC members should listen and prepare a document and get the sign of the student if the students is not willing to sign then the two members should sign on behalf of the student.
  4. The complaints are noted in a register and get sorted out based on the complaint to the respective committees.
  5. If the complaint is related to ICC it will be addressed immediately but it is related to grievances it will be discussed in the committee to resolve effectively.
Complaint/Grievance format: At suggestion Box Form Format:
Name of the Students __________________________ Roll No:______________________ Branch ____________________ Date _______________________ Year/ Sem ___________________________ Addressing Issue ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

The procedure adopted for Grievance Redressal Mechanism may be Formal or Informal method as opted by the complainant. Usually informal method is adopted and the grievance is resolved by way of counseling the parties. Mentors of the students/peers in case of staff, HODs of the concern departments along with ICC Co-ordinator and selected ICC members resolve the issue.

Formal method of resolution is adopted based on the seriousness of the complaint. The issue is taken to the college authorities for further action.

Events Organized for the A.Y 2021-22

S.No. Name of the Coordinator Event Organized Course Dates No. of Participants Report
1 Dr.D.William Albert
Email id: dr.albertdwgtl@gmail.com
Contact number: 8309906369
A Seminar on Empowering Women in Business B.Tech, MBA & MCA 07-09-2021 85 View
2 Mrs.HariPriya, Assistant Professor, Department of C.S.E
Email id: haripriya@ashokacollege.in
Contact number: 9742371251
A Seminar on Gender Equality Strategies B.Tech, MBA & MCA 29-10-2021 95 View
3 Mrs.V.Sujatha, Associate Professor, Department of C.S.E A Seminar on Economic Empowerment of Young Women B.Tech, MBA & MCA 09-11-2021 105 View
4 Mrs.Sujatha, Assistant Professor, Department of H&S
Email id: sujatha@ashokacollege.in
A Seminar on Role of Government In Women Empowerment B.Tech, MBA & MCA 06-12-2021 110 View
5 Dr.Shareef, Assistant Professor, Department of H&S,SREC, Nandyal
Contact number: 9494950045
A Seminar on Women in Agriculture B.Tech, MBA & MCA 17-02-2021 115 View

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