Industry Institute coordination Cell(IICC) is established in Ashoka Women's Engineering College(AWEC) with a view to impart and create effective Industry- Institute Interface for the students. It is imperative for a technical institution to have continuous interaction with industry to estimate the requirements of the Institution and prepare the students to the challenges ahead. The cell takes care of planning, coordinating and implementation of activities pertaining to skill development, Inplant training, Internships, Industrial visits, Student Projects, Guest lectures, Invited lectures for our Engineering and Polytechnic students. The purpose of the Cell is to find out the gap between Industry needs and student outcomes. Finally it is the bridge between the industry, the real world and the institute.

  1. To establish Industry-Institute initiatives, in order to provide exposure to the students to the ambience and work culture of the industry.
  2. To coordinate the Engineering curriculum to the industrial requirements.
  3. To try and provide solutions to diverse Engineering problems encountered by the Industry.
  4. To enhance the employability skills of the students through exposure to new technologies and methodologies adopted by the MNCs.
  5. To attempt to bridge the gap between the Academia and Industry in terms of the qualitative output.
  1. To enhance collaboration with Industry
  2. To improve the placement rate of the students
  3. To increase the college-arranged industrial training avenues for the students.
  4. To optimize the utilization of Institute resources by the Industry.
  5. To ensure absorption of the students by the industries, who have provided training for them.

Functions of IIC

  1. Focuses on effective Industry-Institute Interface.
  2. Coordinates with various manufacturing/ production, services, public sectors and multinational industries to connect with our institution in arranging the plant training, projects and internships.
  3. Organizes various Skill Development programs like Workshops, Conferences and Symposia in conjunction with the faculty of core Department and Skill Development Centers like APSSDC, APITA etc.
  4. Invites senior engineers from industry to visit our Institution to deliver lectures.
  5. Organizes Career-Counseling programs in the institution.
  6. Conducts Entrepreneur Development awareness programs in association with MSMEs and real entrepreneurs.
  7. Enters in to Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) between the institute and industries to bring them closer emotionally and strategically.
  8. Organizes industrial visits for the Faculty members and the students.
  9. Identifies opportunities of continuing education, short-term programs and training needs of the industry to prepare the students accordingly.
  10. Identifies the sources of financial assistance such as Scholarships/fellowships instituted by Industries and assists the students in applying.
  11. Assists the Departments to establisha rapport with industries for taking up mini-projects.

Facilities of IIC

  1. One Lab with 30 laptops for the IICC to organize skill development programmes and discusses about activities.
  2. Notice boards is available for pasting / keeping circulars, updating the event photos, press clippings, Year Planners etc.,
  3. Posters of vision and mission on the wall of the room
  4. Having a good number of chairs and space to discuss / conduct the committee meetings.

Composition of Committee

  1. Coordinator: A senior faculty with good network.
  2. Faculty Member: one faculty from each department.

Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Mr.D.Muralidhara Reddy Associate Trainer T&P Coordinator 9963542161 muralidhara@ashokacollege.in
2 Dr.Shoeb Peer Syed Professor CSE Member 8367249150 shoeb.peer@ashokacollege.in
3 Mr.K.Prasad Babu Associate Professor ECE Member 9603943069 kprasadbabu@ashokacollege.in
4 Mr. M. A. Sasi Bhushan Associate Professor EEE Member 9885117994 sasibhushan@ashokacollege.in
5 Mr. Konduru Anand Assistant Professor CE Member 9177763536 anand.konduru@ashokacollege.in
6 Ms. M Anusha Assistant Professor MBA Member 9515943525 manusha@ashokacollege.in
7 Mrs. A Archana Assistant Professor MCA Member 9121312788 archana@ashokacollege.in

Roles & Responsibilities of IIC Committee.

  1. He plans the IICC regular activities like skill development programmes, Internships and Industry visits etc.
  2. He maintain cordial relationship with industry people to get permissions and also invite industry experts to improve practical exposure to the students.
  3. He encourages members to organize department level programmes with regards to IICC.
  4. He does planning of the yearly chart of activities and ensures the execution takes place smoothly with the help of members and student coordinators.
  5. He gives instructions and guidelines to the committee members to organize all the yearly activities with proper schedule.
  6. He conducts meetings twice a year and discusses how the prior programmes were and how the upcoming programmes should be done.
  7. He supervises the working of IIC activities and members.
  8. He maintains the necessary files.
  9. He convenes the meeting of the IIC Committee in consultation with the Principal and also attends the external meetings which relate to the industry.
Faculty Members:
  1. They execute the yearly chart of activities at the department level as per the instructions of the convener.
  2. They motivate students to utilize industry interaction activities like skill development programmes, Internships and Industry visits etc.
  3. They ensure department level execution of the IICC activities.

No. of Functional MoU's

Academic Year

2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19



List of MoU's

S.No. Name of the Institution/ Industry/ Corporate House Date of Signing View
1 ExcelR Solutions 24-02-2022 View
2 Greenvion Energy Technologies 08-03-2022 View
3 HIEE Empowering Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 08-03-2022 View
4 Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies 08-03-2022 View
5 Smart Nuts & Bolts 15-12-2021 View
6 Unacademy 04-03-2022 View
7 APSSDC - CM’s Skill Excellence Centre 01-01-2018 View

Industrial Visits

S.No. Name of the Institution/ Industry/ Corporate House Course Year & Semester Date Report
1 View


Department 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 Report
No. of Companies No. of Students No. of Companies No. of Students No. of Companies No. of Students View
B.Tech-CSE View
B.Tech-ECE View
B.Tech-EEE View
B.Tech-CE View
MBA View
MCA View

Events Organized for the A.Y 2022-23

S.No. Name of the Coordinator Event Organized Course Dates No. of Participants Report
1 Mr D Muralidhara Reddy Awareness Session on NeoPAT Online Assessment Tool B.Tech(CSE, ECE & EEE) 01/11/2023 67 View
2 Mr D Muralidhara Reddy Awareness Session on NeoPAT Online Assessment Tool B.Tech(CSE, ECE & EEE) 02/11/2023 56 View
3 Dr Suresh Veluru Webinar on Natural Language Processing B.Tech(CSE) 27/09/2023 240 View

Events Organized for the A.Y 2021-22

S.No. Name of the Coordinator Event Organized Course Dates No. of Participants Report
1 B.Tech, MBA & MCA View

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Contact Person

Mr.D.Muralidhara Reddy,
Industry Institute Coordination Cell,
M: 9963542161,
Email: muralidhara@ashokacollege.in