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Name : Dr.

Designation : Campus Resident Doctor

Affiliation : Ashoka Women's Engineering College

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Functions of Medical Cell

  • The broad Functions of Medical Cell are to:

    Facilities of Medical Cell

Composition of Committee

  1. Coordinator: A senior faculty with good network.
  2. Faculty Member: one faculty from each department.
  3. Student Member: Two 3rd & two 4th year Students from each department and two 1st & 2nd year Students of MBA & MCA

Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Mrs.K.Swetha Assistant Professor CSE Coordinator 7981868807

Duties of the Coordinator

  1. Undertaking patient consultations and physical examinations (Inside the college, boys hostel and girls hostel)
  2. Monitoring and administering medication
  3. Promoting health education
  4. Treating the students and employees of the Organization
  5. Free Medical facilities
  6. Attend to Minor Accidents inside the laboratories
  7. Check the quality of the food in the hostel mess and canteen
Faculty Member:
Student Member:

Events Organized for the A.Y 2021-22

S.No. Name of the Coordinator Event Organized Course Dates No. of Participants Report
1 B.Tech, MBA & MCA View

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M: 7981868807,