Ashoka Professional Societies Coordinator’s Coordination Cell

The vision of PSCC cell is to develop students academic, professional and personality development skills through various programs, activities arranged by the association. To monitor and control effective conduct of such program ensuring regular attendance, active participation and involvement of students.


  1. Improving standard of Engineering Education and counseling the students in the emerging new opportunities
  2. Encouraging and motivating the outside Class room studies /Workshops/ projects/ Seminars
  3. To plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Symposia, exhibitions for the benefit of students.
  4. To provide common platform for students to exchange of ideas in technical topics of interest and to facilitate technical visits, project works, employment, contact with industries and academic institutions.
  5. Encourage team spirit and self-reliance among student members

Functions of Professional Societies Coordinator’s Coordination Cell

  • To plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Conferences for the benefit of students
  • Encouraging and motivating the students to actively participate in Co-curricular and extra curricular activities
  • To Encourage Students and Staff members to become members of various Professional Societies
  • The broad Functions of PSCC are to:
    1. Establishing adequate facilities for professional bodies
    2. Conducting events for students and faculty members
    3. Establishing and updating the events under cell.
    4. Coordinating with the Departments for putting special focus on developing student chapters.
    5. Preparing the Annual report of accomplishments in cell.
    6. Identifying and utilizing the services of resource persons for the training of the students in various activities.

    Facilities of Professional Societies Coordinator’s Coordination Cell

    1. One room for the students and faculty members to discuss about the activities.
    2. Conference hall for conducting meetings.
    3. Seminar hall for awareness programmes.
    4. Auditorium for various programmes.
    5. Department notices boards are available to the both sides of the room for pasting / keeping circulars, updating the event photos, press clippings, Year Planners etc.,
    6. Posters of previous activities pasted on the wall of the room.
    7. Having a good number of chairs and space to discuss / conduct the committee meetings.
    8. Motivational posters and images of philanthropists to encourage the students for social service.

Composition of Committee

  1. Coordinator: A senior faculty with good network.
  2. Faculty Member: one faculty from each department.
  3. Student Member: Two 3rd & two 4th year Students from each department and two 1st & 2nd year Students of MBA & MCA

Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Mr.M.A.Sasi Bhushan Assistant Professor EEE Coordinator 9182968164

Roles & Responsibilities of Professional Societies Coordinator’s Coordination Cell/span>

  1. He/She will plan the PSCC regular activities and programmes.
  2. He/She will divide the PSCC unit into different groups and assign the definite task and targets to each group.
  3. He/She will supervise the working of PSCC members.
  4. He/She will ensure that the basic aims of PSCC Programme i.e., inviting different professional societies into our institution.
  5. He/She will maintain the necessary documents as per the guidelines of the societies.
  6. He/She will depute members from each department for smooth functionality of professional bodies.
  7. He/She will submit the reports to the principal periodically.
  8. He/She will convene the meeting of the PSCC in consultation with the Principal of the institution.
Faculty Member:
  1. They executethe yearly chart of activities at the department level as per the instructions of the convener.
  2. They motivate students to participate in PSCC activities.
  3. They ensure department level execution of the PSCC activities.
Student Member:
  1. Involve in Professional activities such as IEEE, ISTE, and IETE& IE.
  2. Involve in attending programs like Workshops, Guest Lectures,Conferences and Seminars.

Events Organized for the A.Y 2021-22

S.No. Name of the Coordinator Event Organized Course Dates No. of Participants Report
1 B.Tech, MBA & MCA View

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Contact Person

Mr.M.A.Sasi Bhushan,
Professional Societies Coordinator’s Coordination Cell,
M: 9182968164,