Ashoka Examination Cell

The overall aim of Exam cell committee is to co-ordinate the conduct of Midterm assessments, End examinations, Practical examinations, University end examinations, and prepare the consolidated Results, to organize and conduct University valuations, to make inventory of the required Stationery well in advance and put the requisition of the required items to the Stores Dept. at least 1 month in advance, to guide the students regarding Examination related matters, to ensure that the mark lists are submitted by the lecturers to the Examination Section by due dates and the Statement of Marks are given to the Students / Parents within the stipulated time, to refer cases of malpractice in the examination to the Unfair Means Inquiry Committee / Examination Grievances Committee for necessary action, to process the exam remuneration bills on time, to prepare course/program wise distribution of pass percentage and submit the same to the principal.

  1. To evaluate the students performance by the conduction of examinations.
  2. Bringing more transparence in the examination and evaluation system.
  3. To bring reputation to the organization.
  4. To produce knowledgeable engineers to the society.
  5. To bring eminent personalities to the college for evaluating the knowledge of the students.
  6. To generate revenue to the institution.
  7. To disseminate the information related to stakeholders.
  8. Helping the society for evaluating the stakeholders by conducting various competitive examinations.
Exam cell in charge
  1. The Exam cell In charge, who is a member of the teaching faculty should have the awareness of conducting the examinations and spot valuation.. He/she should be able build confidence in the students that the examinations are conducted in fair and transparent manner.

Functions of Time-Table Cell

  1. To allot subjects to the faculty based on their specialization and preferences.
  2. To ensure better utilization of time and resources.
  3. To provide a balanced workload for the faculty in order to have better performance.

Facilities of Time-Table Cell

  1. One room for the CAC cell to discuss about the activities.
  2. Notice board is available to the of the room for pasting / keeping circulars, updating the event photos, press clippings, Year Planners etc.,
  3. Having a good number of chairs and space to discuss / conduct the committee meetings.

Composition of Committee

  1. Coordinator: A senior faculty with good network.
  2. Faculty Member: one faculty from each department.
  3. Student Member: Two 3rd & two 4th year Students from each department and two 1st & 2nd year Students of MBA & MCA

Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Department Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Mr.B.Naga Rajesh Assistant Professor Dept. of ECE Coordinator 9866526968

Roles & Responsibilities of Time-Table Committee

  1. Ensuring that conflicts in Timetable are avoided.
  2. Providing the information regarding Timetables and venue to any of the departmental committees.
  3. Coordinating the Timetables and making it available to the faculty on the prescribed day before each semester.
  4. Ensuring the Timetable is available on the departmental notice boards before each semester.
  5. Reviewing and managing the Timetables and addressing any of the conflicts regarding the clashes in the Timetables.
  6. Providing support and training to the committee members as required.
Faculty Member:
  1. Preparing the class and lab Timetables at the beginning of every semester. Preparing faculty Timetables and workload.
  2. Assigning subjects to the faculty based on their specialization and preferences that were approved by the Head of the department. Maintaining a Timetable committee file.
  3. Posting the class and lab Timetables on the respective classroom boards.
  4. Making sure that the faculty individual Timetables are submitted to each faculty before the beginning of the semester.
  5. Working collaboratively with other members to meet the Timetable requirements.
  6. Attempting to resolve the conflicts within the faculty regarding the published Timetable.

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Contact Person

Mr.B.Naga Rajesh,
College Time Table Committee ,
M: 9866526968,