Chairman of the College

Sri. K. Ashok Vardhan Reddy

We have realized that the future is abstract and uncertain but the youth in our hands are real and can be moulded. Thus the aim is to create a workforce  which can handle the uncertainty of the coming times and prosper with the abilities and skills acquired through professional and technical education.

The empowerment of women through education is the need of the hour and Ashoka continuously strives for it. A women is the full circle, where the power is to create, nurture and transform.  It is been preserving the excellence as a continuous process and in pursuit of which the institution has made deep forays into contributing world renowned women technocrats, successful entrepreneurs, competent professionals, leaders, innovators and researchers.

Director of the College

Dr. K. Haris Krishna

The world is incomplete without the technological innovations hence, engineers are the builders of the world, as we know.  If only one gender is engaged in the development of the world then the  development inevitable  would  be incomplete, this acute vacuum is precisely what Ashoka Women’s College addresses. Engaging women in developing the World and the Nation is our goal and empowering the deprived gender for the engineering progress is out motto. Ashoka grooms students for their all round development and prepare them to prosper in their lives along with their valuable contributions to the society.

Ashoka takes great pride, that it has been contributing benchmark women professionals to the society with impeccable technical skills along with absolute human values. Our students are innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, administrators, researchers, and great human beings.

Principal of the College

Dr. R. Naveen

Dr. R. Naveen presently, The Principal of Ashoka Women’s Engineering College. He received his Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. He holds his Masters in VLSI Design from Anna University and Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University. He has about 45 research publications to his credit in International journals and conferences. He is guiding 4 Ph.D. Scholars in Anna University. His research areas include Low power VLSI, Embedded Systems and Image Processing. He has 16 years of academic experience in various Engineering Institutions affiliated to Anna University.

Today, we are witnessing a world with a human population of over 7.50 billion needing food, water, shelter, education, employment and good health. It is also foreseen that future generations across the planet will face greatest challenges in having these needs fulfilled. Inventions and innovations in engineering have constantly provided us with a quality of life generating new ways of solving problems and engineering is always on the run to keep pace with the ever-changing complex world. Aligned with this philosophy, Ashoka Women’s Engineering College was started in the year 2008 with a vision to meet the needs of a futuristic society through technology. The institute has grown over the years in pursuit of this vision and crossed several milestones of excellence. This has become possible only due to continued patronage of the magnanimous management, tireless efforts of its experienced, qualified faculty and staff members and worthy contributions of its dedicated students and alumni.